Company introduction

Shanghai ‘Pearlk’ was founded in 1995, it was established in 2004. Current registered capital is 100 million RMB. The company successfully restructured the shares officially changed to Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co., Ltd. in October, 2013. March 2014, the company successfully listed on the "National Equities Exchange and Quotations" , stock code “430661”.

The company has two production bases are Shanghai Jinshan fine Chemical Industry Park and Binjiang Chemical Park in Jiangsu Qidong , Jinshan base professional research production of Polymer materials, such as Stone、Building materials and Rail adhesives. After years of development, gradually formed a group to give priority with marble adhesive, anchor adhesive, AB structural adhesive, stone conservation agents, rail mounting rubber and silicone sealant. ‘Pearlk Chemical (Qidong) Co., Ltd.,’ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shanghai PEARLK Company, the registered capital of 200 million RMB, planning area of 282 acres. The Qidong Pearlk focused on advanced technology development and industrialization of the organic chemicals and electronic chemicals, through efficient, stable, environmentally friendly professional production, providing high-quality raw materials and environmentally friendly solvent for the pharmaceutical and electronic grade solvents, pesticides, perfume and electronics industries.

The company has a strong research and development conditions, we have 460 m2 stone glue laboratory, 420 m2 silicone rubber laboratory, 420 m2 chemical laboratory and 6,000 m2 pilot plant, various types of equipment more than 60 Tai (sets), Dozens of professional R & D personnel, maintain long-term research cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Donghua University. R& D and business direction is the use of its own technology in polymer materials and fine chemical industry, and in stone, building materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfume, electronics and other fields of interdisciplinary research applications and by resource recycling, the product of cheap and harmony of social and environmental benefits, economic benefits.

The company has always been adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, quality, service" development concept, adhere to the "market-oriented, technology leadership, and constantly go beyond" business principles, the company is committed to create a set of technology leading domestic first-class R & D platform and marketing network all over the world in the industry base!

Continuously improve the social efficiency, worker income, shareholders' equity, and strive to become influential manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad of chemical materials industry.
“Pearlk” Business management concept
Organic chemicals business was new products of the project for Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co.,Ltd., the project is dedicated to organic chemicals advanced technology product development and industrialization, with its sharp market information, strong research and development strength and superb technology.
Organic chemicals
Construction Chemicals

Building materials and chemicals business is the use of high polymers and blends processing technology to produce a new type of stone, building materials and rail with adhesive products covered stone rust, cleaning, curing agents, stone processing materials and stone curtain wall materials, civil engineering materials and varieties mortar, silicone sealant class and high-speed railway adhesives, etc., are widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, roads, bridges, tunnels, concrete and high-speed railway and other industries, has been widely praised!

Electronic Chemicals
Core business

The establishment of the "Shanghai Pearlk Technology Co., Ltd." in Shanghai's Songjiang District   Sept. 1995

mainly engaged in technology development and technical services, We developed the popular sound-absorbing coating " Oriental Coat" and flexible putty fill joints experts and other products

Invested 50 million yuan to set up Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co., Ltd. Oct. 2004

in Shanghai Jinshan Fine Chemical Industry Park, the main production of stone, building materials adhesive

A wholly owned subsidiary "Pearlk chemical materials (Qidong) Co., Ltd." was established in Binjiang Fine Chemical Industry Park of Qidong city Jiangsu Province. Dec. 2011

Upon completion, the main provider of high-quality raw materials and environmentally friendly solvent for the pharmaceutical and electronic grade solvents, pesticides, perfume and electronics industries

Company joint-stock reform is successful, the overall change to "Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co., Ltd."   Oct. 2013

The company in the National SME share transfer system (three new board) successfully listed, stock abbreviation “Pearlk”, stock symbol “430661”. Mar. 2014

The company was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shanghai."   Sept. 2014

Development history

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